Right now there are an unexpected many of us out there. We are ultra-stylish in appearance, yet comfortable in our shoes and our skin. We practice a holistic lifestyle and promote the development of inner peace. We break all the molds, and we are proud of it.

We are intelligent, we are women of substance, and we are quite extraordinary.

We are Glam-Granola girls.

Glam-Granola (adjective): Glamorous, holistically-minded, and compassionately aware.

"The Glam-Granola way is not simply a phase," says Founder Wendy Roy. "It's how many of us have lived our lives for quite some time now - getting excited about the latest organic foods and beauty products, being mindful, volunteering… And if more ladies jump on board with this lifestyle and it should become vastly popular, then all the better. Taking good care of ourselves, as well as those around us, is surely a trend worth promoting and sustaining."

Welcome. Browse the site, get inspired, shop, and just have fun.

Where Glamour & Wellness Unite...
Be Glamorous. Be Pampered. Be Well.

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